Just for Fun

I like looking at everyday things in life and use them to gain inspiration or create connections to another area of life. For the last month, I've been on a whirlwind travelling, moving and learning. As busy and beneficial as the time was, and as much as I learned from workshops, different jobs and travelling, I didn't take much time to document my discoveries. This frustrated me, as writing is a very important goal of mine.  
Each October, artists will participate in something known as Inktober. The goal is to draw one picture per day, in ink, based on a specific word prompt for that day. Well, as a writer, I'm an artist also. My ink generally forms words, not pictures. And I did write I realized. I didn’t write any essays, but I wrote fun pieces that created connections and shared ideas.
So I’ve learned to look at disappointment, something that happens a lot in life, and find joy.
Stay tuned for a few samples of fun writing in the next few days. 


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