Office Supplies

Everyone has something that excites them. Some people may enjoy shopping for teas, coffee or chocolate. Some enjoy window shopping for clothes. My sister likes the tires and bikes in hardware stores: she likes the smell of fresh rubber. But me, I like office supply stores.
It’s like a whole different world. They are filled with all sorts of amazing and colourful things. My mind comes alive.
Look at all the neat day planners. Hmm, this one is boring with just a monthly calendar on each page; I could print my own for just a few dollars.  This one is nice, it has a monthly calendar at the beginning, then it has a page for each week of the month so I can schedule everything. Oh, winner right here! It has everything and a built-in to-do lists and ability to prioritize. Think how much more productive I could be if I was able to plan out my week using this planner and specify my top priorities in the little box provided!
This one is blank. Oh, it’s a journal. Look at the nice green cover on that one. Oh, but the cover of that one has a great inspirational quote. But the wire binding will get squished when I travel. That one’s got a lock. That’s silly, I metal lock on a book with cardboard covers. Someone could just rip the cover to read it. This one is nice, it is cheap, has a decent number of pages, is perfect bound - what is this little flap? Oh, it’s a secret compartment to keep loose pages! – and has a cool elastic to keep it closed.
Ah, all the writing tools. Imagine what I could use that cool erasable pen for. $40 for a pen, what makes it so special? Oh, it writes anywhere, even in space. And look! A Bic 0.7 mechanical pencil with a clip and eraser. All of mine are broken. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a perfect pencil… or a box of 12? And so many colors of Sharpie, I could have a lot of color-coded categories.
And the giant white board calendar! Imagine all the things I could schedule with that. That would also be handy at work to schedule a different item to be cleaned each day. And all the labels. So many different sizes and shapes. That one comes with a template I could use to make fancy labels for my candles. I could start an empire and ship all over the wold, with neat little labels.
And they have a whole section for filing. The color of wood on that one is nice, but the metal track and lock on that one is very practical. But that affordable plastic one actually has a decent design.
Oh, look at the little desk display. That desk is very neat to adjust to a standing or sitting desk. I like the flexible concept. That chair is very neat with the special back rest. Oh, that chair is designed for gaming, you can tell by the colors. See how nice that little succulent looks on the wooden desk? I’ll bet if I had the desk with built in cubbies, my desk would be just as neat as this perfect display model.
Yes, I love just walking through office supply stores. But office stores just make me want more things. I don’t need 37 colours of Sharpie, with a bonus duel tipped marker. I don’t need a fancy four-drawer filing cabinet. I move around a lot and my banker’s boxes work just fine. So maybe office stores aren’t good. But they help me imagine what could be. When I start a business, I could have a nice desk and healthy chair instead of my laptop. I could use a calendar to bring my current team all onto the same page. Imagination is great. If I can spark my imagination just walking through a store, well, maybe they aren’t all bad after all.


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