Intersection of Interests

I have a lot of interests. I like working in hospitality, but I’m also intrigued by law enforcement, psychology, marketing, cooking and entrepreneurship. I like running, natural health, acrobatics, writing and more. At times, it feels like there is no way to pursue these. Which ones should I focus on, which ones should I drop?
I watched a YouTube video recently. There’s a guy who casually walks up to a fence and then tumbles right over it. It looks like the perfect accident. But from my experience with gymnastics, I can tell how much skill he has to pull this move off. The casual accident-prone style he uses is quite comical.
That got me thinking. Few people would think that comedy and acrobatics would combine well. But he manages to pull it off. I felt so inspired after watching his videos. His unique personality combined two things that might not generally go together.
Maybe I could combine my own varied interests after all.
I was reading about genetic engineering recently. Most people are familiar with cloning. We joke about making clones of the people we like so that there would be two of them. It’s interesting that genetically clones may be identical genetically, but it’s actually the surroundings and experiences that shape individuals. So, two clones growing up in different circumstances would not be identical in personality.
Few people would have grown up in the same situation as you and no one else has the same genetic makeup and personality. So you are doubly unique. And the situation you are in will affect you in a unique way because of your personality. So you are unique in a third way.
The comical acrobat made everything look easy and accidental. But watching his behind the scene fail videos showed how many times he tried each stunt to achieve the clip in the other videos. But he pushed on, despite falling on his face or smacking his foot.
It might not be obvious how my interests intersect. But I am sure that if I keep working hard, I will find a way to engage them in a way that is fulfilling.


  1. I tend to think that God may use all my varied interests for something. In any case I think God likes it when we take interest in learning and discovering many, good things; I think He created us to learn, discover and explore.

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    2. Hey Kate! Yup, I definitely think that all our interests can be used... somehow. Thanks for reading.


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